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Checking Twitter Polls Result

Here is the trick of the day πŸ€Ήβ€,Have you ever seen a poll on twitter,You’re interested in the result but not contributing to it πŸ™ƒ well Goodnews 🌀 you can actually check the result without voting,just turn off your mobile data/wifi(Preferably put your device on Airplane mode) then click on any option,There you go πŸ€“ the current poll result will be displayed for 2s(depends on your device) then goes back to default. Your selection will not be recorded πŸ˜‰.

Tested on my emulator

N.B: Tested on Android devices Only.

Building Custom Tabs in Android

So recently I was told to redesign the Alat app by Akapo Dami during the Android mentorship which I’m currently in, First thing I noticed about the UI of the app was the tab bar,it looked strange from the normal tab bar i was used to,I was used to tabs with either icon/text or in most cases both of them combined,I started brainstorming on how it can be achieved, below is what the Alat app built by WEMA bank looks like.